PAKELO STOU FLUID – SAE 15W-40 este un ulei multifunctional/universal pentru camioane,utilaje agricole si industriale.

Pretul afisat este pentru bidonul de 20 litri !


Universal lubricant suitable for the lubrication of engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, differentials, final drives and axles of machines also with wet brakes/clutches.

Performance levels:

The additive package used has enabled, in the set Viscosity Grades recommended by Constructors, to meet the following Performance Levels: TRACTOR OEM SPECIFICATIONS: John Deere JDM J27, Ford New Holland 82009201/2/3, Ford M2C159-B /M2C159-C, Massey Ferguson CMS M1135 / M1139 / M1144 / M1145, New Holland NH 030C / 024C. TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS: API GL-4, Allison C4, Caterpillar TO-2, John Deere J20C/J20D, Ford M2C134-D / M2C86B / M2C86B, ZF TE-ML 06A / 06B / 06C / 06D / 06R / 07B, Case MS 1204/6/7/9, CNH MAT 3525 / MAT 3526, New Holland NH 410B /420A. HYDRAULIC SPECIFICATIONS: Sperry Vickers/Eaton I-280-S / M2950S, Sauer Sunstrand/Danfoss Hydro Static Trans Fluid, Conestoga pump test ISO 20763 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS: API CG-4 / CF-4 / CF / CE / CD, API SF, ACEA E2 / E3, MIL-L-2104D, MB 228.3, MB 228.1, MB 227.1, MAN 271, (ACEA E3 level of cam wear and piston cleanliness), (MB 228.3 level of cylinder wear and bore polish, level of piston cleanliness), (ACEA E4 and ACEA E7 level of cam wear, cylinder wear and bore polish, level of piston cleanliness).


ZF TE-ML 06B / 07B (App. ZF002007).

Can lt. 1Can lt. 4Pail lt. 20Drum lt. 60Drum lt. 209IBC lt. 1000